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Monday, 19 April 2010

High fat diet to treat diabetes

This post includes a summary of a paper published in Nutrition and Metabolism 2005, 2:34 and a recipe for rosemary steak skewers.

Study title and authors:
A low-carbohydrate, ketogenic diet to treat type 2 diabetes
Life Without Bread: How a Low-Carbohydrate Diet Can Save Your Life
William S Yancy Jr1,2 , Marjorie Foy1 , Allison M Chalecki1 , Mary C Vernon3 and Eric C Westman2
1 Center for Health Services Research in Primary Care, Department of Veterans' Affairs Medical Center (152), 508 Fulton Street, Durham, NC, USA 27705
2 Department of Medicine, Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC, USA
3 Private Bariatric and Family Practice, and Clinical Faculty, University of Kansas School of Medicine, Lawrence, KS, USA

The paper can be accessed at:

Red blood cells are made of a molecule called haemoglobin. Glucose sticks to the haemoglobin to make a 'glycosylated haemoglobin' molecule, called haemoglobin A1C or HbA1C. The more glucose in the blood, the more haemoglobin A1C or HbA1C will be present in the blood.

Red cells live for 8 -12 weeks before they are replaced. By measuring the A1C or HbA1C it can tell you how high your blood glucose has been on average over the last 8-12 weeks. A normal non-diabetic HbA1C is 3.5-5.5%. In diabetes about 6.5% is good. 

The study examined the changes in weight, (bad) triglyceride levels and Hemoglobin A1C levels that a high fat/low carbohydrate diet caused in 21 overweight participants with type 2 diabetes over a 16 week period.

The participants followed a diet in which they could eat as much fat as they wished, and kept their carbohydrate consumption low.

The study found:
(a) Body weight decreased by 6.6%.
(b) Triglycerides decreased 42%.
(c) Hemoglobin A1C decreased by 16%.

The high fat diet improved the haemoglobin A1C levels to such an extent in these type 2 diabetes patients that most of them discontinued or reduced their diabetes medication.

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Recipe of the day

Rosemary Steak Skewers

New York Prime Meat USDA Prime 21 Day Aged Beef Loin NY Strip Steak Boneless, 1-inch thick, 2-Count, 16-Ounce Packaged in Film & Freezer Paper
Food Mall: Loin Steak
◦1 lb loin steak
◦1 T fresh chopped rosemary
◦2 cloves of fresh garlic, diced fine
◦1 t garlic powder
◦3 T balsamic vinegar
◦1 t salt

Wisk together rosemary, garlic, vinegar, EVOO and salt in a bowl. Cut your steak into 1” cubes and toss into the bowl. Stir to coat. Let this “hang out” for an hour. Thread your steak onto your rosemary skewers. You’ll require about 6, 8” skewers to fit all of your meat. For the grilling, we used a hot grill pan on the range top. If cooking outside, try to get the grill very hot and then turn off direct burners where you place the venison. Cook 3-5 minutes on each side. It won’t take long since you’ve cut into smaller pieces.