Hard scientific evidence of the effects of diet, pharmaceutical drugs & lifestyle on health from over 1,400 studies from research centers, universities and peer reviewed scientific journals.

Research by David Evans

About Me

In April 2008 (aged 46) I was around 50lb overweight, was suffering many minor ailments and possibly was pre-diabetic. I had tried many different diets, all ultimately failed miserably, so I decided to conduct my own research into what we should eat to achieve optimal health.

Firstly I qualified as a diet and nutrition advisor and since have trawled through thousands of scientific papers, have read dozens of books and spent tens of thousands of hours on the subject of 'what constitutes a healthy diet'. I then based my way of eating and living on the findings of these studies.

The result is, I lost 56lb and am now around my optimal weight, all my minor and major ailments have disappeared, I have boundless energy, have a contended happy outlook on life and feel fitter now than at any time in my adult life.

In February 2012 I published a book (based entirely on the scientific literature) that discusses the relationship of cholesterol and saturated fat with heart disease and in August 2012 I had another book published (again based entirely on the scientific literature) that analyses the relationship of cholesterol levels with health. (The scientific evidence will surprise you).

This blog is all about giving you evidence almost entirely from scientific papers about diet, nutrition and health. Virtually all the scientific papers were written by professors, doctors and scientific researchers. I just report the results of their work.

Your doctor will be a very busy person and has not got the time to research the scientific literature to investigate the implications that diet may have on health. This website will give you access to information that doctors and dieticians have never heard of.

There is a lot of confusing nonsense in the media about diet and health which has led to many diseases such as diabetes, obesity and cancer becoming an epidemic and many others conditions increasing significantly.

The raison d'etre of this website is to provide you with hard scientific information which may help you make informed decisions in your quest for health.

David Evans