Hard scientific evidence of the effects of diet, pharmaceutical drugs & lifestyle on health from over 1,400 studies from research centers, universities and peer reviewed scientific journals.

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Heart Disease

Worried about heart disease? Read this:

My book “Cholesterol and Saturated Fat Prevent Heart Disease: Evidence From 101 Scientific Papers” analyses the data from the scientific literature and reveals that the campaigns to lower cholesterol levels and eliminate dietary cholesterol and saturated fat has had disastrous consequences for our health. The scientific evidence actually shows that higher cholesterol levels, dietary cholesterol and saturated fats do NOT lead to clogged arteries and an early death, but actually prevent heart disease and prolong life.

The book reveals:

  • That cholesterol and saturated fat are in fact essential for a healthy heart.       
  • That high cholesterol levels help you live longer.      
  • The best way to raise your heart healthy, good HDL cholesterol is to eat a diet high in saturated fat.
  • That low fat diets do not provide adequate nutrition.
  • That high carbohydrate diets promote the factors that cause heart disease.
  • That margarine is an industrially produced unhealthy product that should be avoided.
  • That the unhealthy reputation of cholesterol and saturated fat is based on flawed experiments with herbivorous animals and extremely biased and outdated studies conducted over 50 years ago.
  • That the cholesterol/saturated fat causes heart disease hypothesis has never been proved over the last five or six decades despite billions been spent in trying to demonstrate it.

Ignore the sound bites about foods relationship to health that you hear on the news, read in the newspaper or see in food advertisements. The information that emanates from those sources is based on viewing figures, circulation figures and sales figures.

The findings of the book are based on peer reviewed scientific papers from the research of doctors, professors and scientists.

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