Hard scientific evidence of the effects of diet, pharmaceutical drugs & lifestyle on health from over 1,400 studies from research centers, universities and peer reviewed scientific journals.

My aim is to make this website the No: 1 worldwide go to place to access the actual scientific papers on the subjects of statins, cholesterol and saturated fat.

Research by David Evans

How To Use The Website

The whole idea for the existence of this website is to arm the public with scientific information about the relationship of diet, pharmaceutical drugs and lifestyle with health.

The messages we hear daily about the foods we should eat or the medications we should take are often at odds with the actual findings of scientifically conducted studies. This website provides details of studies (over 1,000) (focusing on the subjects of diet, nutrition, prescription drugs and health) published in scientific journals for you to examine, review and hopefully be furnished with information to help you make wise decisions about the management of your own health.

The articles are set out in the following manner:

The title of each article gives a very brief summary on the findings of the particular study.

Then follows information on the actual study: The study's name in bold, who published it, the names of the authors, where the study was based and any other relevent information.

A web address or contact is then given for you to access the study.

I normally give a short summary about the results of the study, and some posts include links to relevant books, articles, websites and videos which expand on the studies findings.

Sometimes I add a recipe at the end of the post. Click on 'recipe of the day' to find the author.

To access the scientific evidence for a particular subject just click on the archives in the right hand column or use the 'search' facility.

Use this website as a reference point and a platform for further research. Ignore the soundbites, propaganda & adverts that emanate through the media, and study the actual papers. THEN MAKE UP YOUR OWN MIND WHAT CONSTITUTES A HEALTHY DIET & HEALTHY WAY TO LIVE.