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Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Muscular Side Effects of Statins

This post includes a summary of a study published in the Journal of Cardiovascular Pharmacology August 2002 - Volume 40 - Issue 2 - pp 163-171

Study title and authors: 
Muscular Side Effects of Statins
Sinzinger, Helmut; Wolfram, Roswitha; Peskar, Bernhard A.
Department of Nuclear Medicine, University of Vienna, A-1090 Vienna, Austria.

This paper can be accessed at:
Dr Helmut Sinzinger from the University of Vienna reviewed the scientific literature concerning the muscular side effects of statins.

His review found:
(a) The side-effects of statins may be by far more prevalent than so far suspected.
(b) Strict adherence to the measures of life-style change and performance of regular exercise can even further worsen significantly these side effects.
(c) More and more subtypes of muscle damage are been identified.

The data from this review paper reveals that the side effects of statins are under-reported (especially muscle problems).

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