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Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Lectins in foods such as grains, beans and some fruit & vegetables are detrimental to health

This post includes a synopsis of a paper published in Toxicon Volume 44, Issue 4, 15 September 2004, Pages 385-403 and a recipe for smoked salmon casserole.

Study title and authors:
Antinutritional properties of plant lectins
Ilka M. Vasconcelos, and José Tadeu A. Oliveira
The Primal Blueprint: Reprogram your genes for effortless weight loss, vibrant health, and boundless energy
Departamento de Bioquímica e Biologia Molecular, Universidade Federal do Ceará, Caixa Postal 6020, Campus do Pici, CEP 60451-970, Fortaleza, CE, Brazil

This paper can be accessed at:

This paper examined the relationship between lectins and health.

Vasconcelos found that:
(a) Lectins damage the cells of the gastrointestinal tract and interfere with nutrient digestion and absorption.
(b) Lectins alter the bacterial flora in the digestive tract and damage the immune system.
(c) Lectins promote disease in key internal organs and tissues.
(d) Lectins disrupt the hormones.
(e) At high intakes, lectins can seriously threaten growth and health.

To conclude: Lectins which are mainly found in grains, but also in beans and some fruit & vegetables are detrimental to health.

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Recipe of the day

Smoked Salmon Casserole

4 ½ cups small cauliflower florets
Atlantic Smoked Salmon 2 lbs Sliced Skinless
Food Mall: Smoked Salmon
1 cup asparagus, finely diced
4 oz smoked salmon, finely diced
10 eggs
¼ cup heavy cream or coconut milk
1/3 cup chives, finely diced
1 tablespoon fresh dill, finely diced
Lots of freshly ground black pepper

Preheat your oven to 350. Steam the cauliflower for 4-6 minutes or until the cauliflower florets are tender but not mushy. While the cauliflower is steaming, dice the asparagus. Spread the steamed cauliflower on the bottom of a 9×13 glass baking dish. Layer on the diced asparagus. Next layer on the smoked salmon. In a mixing bowl, whisk together the eggs, dill, chives and black pepper. Pour the egg mixture evenly over the veggies and salmon and back in the preheated oven for 35-40 minutes or until the casserole is done all the way through. Cut into squares and serve.

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