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Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Large losses of vitamins and trace elements result from the processing and preservation of foods

Published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition May 1971 pp 562-573

Losses of vitamins and trace elements resulting from processing and preservation of foods
Henry A Schroeder

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Mean losses of vitamin B6 amounting to 36.7% and 44.6% occurred in frozen vegetables and 57.1 to 77.4% in canned vegetables.

Losses in canned fish, seafood, meats, and poultry amounted to 42.6% and 48.9%.

Mean losses of pantothenic acid due to freezing of vegetables were 36.8 to 57.1 %, and due to canning, 46.1 to 77.8%.

Losses in canned meat, fish, and dairy products were less.

Processed and refined grains lost 51.1 to 93.8 % of the vitamin B6 and 37.0 to 74.1% of the pantothenic acid in the whole product.

Processed meats lost one-half to threequarters of both vitamins.

Seven vitamins were lost during the refining of flour to the extent of 50 to 86.3 %. Biotin and folacin were also usually reduced in refined cereals, white bread, and canned vegetables.

Thirteen minerals were depleted from wheat by the refining of flour, with negligible loss of energy. Bulk minerals were lost to the extent of 60.0 to 84.7 %, and trace metals of 40.0 to 88.5 % .

Large losses of magnesium and most trace metals apparently resulted from the refining or partitioning of foods into two or more fractions. Refined sugar was especially low in trace elements

The author concludes: "From these data, it is apparent that Amencan diets may be marginal in respect to adequate intakes of several micronutrients essential for optimal function".

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