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Monday, 21 March 2011

20 year study of 80,375 women shows a reduction in breast cancer risk for women who consume high-fat diets

This study was published in the American Journal of Epidemiology 2006 Nov 15;164(10):990-7

Study title and authors:
Dietary fat and risk of postmenopausal breast cancer in a 20-year follow-up.
Kim EH, Willett WC, Colditz GA, Hankinson SE, Stampfer MJ, Hunter DJ, Rosner B, Holmes MD.
Harvard School of Public Health, Boston, MA 02115, USA.

This paper can be accessed at:

The authors examined the relationship of dietary fat, to incidence of postmenopausal breast cancer in 80,375 women over a 20 year period.

The study revealed that:
(a) For every 5% increase in dietary fat, there is a 2% REDUCTION in breast cancer rates.
(b) Specific types of fat were not associated with an increased risk of breast cancer.

Kim concludes that the results of the study suggest a reduction in breast cancer risk for women who consume high-fat diets.

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Broccoli, Bacon and Cashew Salad

1 broccoli, cut into florets and stalk diced
3 rashes of bacon, fat removed, diced
½ cup toasted cashews
1tbs oil

Boil broccoli in water on high heat for 5‐7minutes or until tender and cooked through.
Remove water and place broccoli in a large serving bowl.
Cook bacon in a frying pan for 4‐5minutes or until crispy. Remove bacon from pan and
place into serving bowl along with broccoli and cashews. Combine well.