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Monday, 30 May 2011

Glycine is a promising treatment for inflammatory diseases

This post includes a synopsis of a paper published in Current Opinion in Clinical Nutrition & Metabolic Care 2003 Mar;6(2):229-40 and a recipe for bone broth.

Study title and authors:
L-Glycine: a novel antiinflammatory, immunomodulatory, and cytoprotective agent.
Zhong Z, Wheeler MD, Li X, Froh M, Schemmer P, Yin M, Bunzendaul H, Bradford B, Lemasters JJ.
Glycine - A Medical Dictionary, Bibliography, and Annotated Research Guide to Internet References
Departments of Cell and Developmental Biology, Pharmacology, Surgery and Environmental Health, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27599-7090, USA.

This paper can be accessed at:

This paper reviewed the beneficial effects of glycine in different diseases.

Zhong found that:
(a) Glycine protects against shock caused by hemorrhage, bacterial infection and blood poisoning.
(b) Glycine prevents ischemia/reperfusion injuries in tissues and organs including liver, kidney, heart, intestine and skeletal muscle. This refers to tissue damage caused when blood supply returns to the tissue after a period of diminished supply.
(c) Glycine diminishes liver and kidney injury caused by liver and kidney toxicants and drugs.
(d) Glycine offers protection from arthritis and ulcers.
(e) Glycine is antiinflammatory, helps to regulate the immune system and protects the cells from noxious chemicals.

The richest dietary source of glycine is from gelatin. See here. Gelatin can be obtained easily from a bone broth. See here for details.

To conclude: Multiple protective effects make glycine a promising treatment strategy for inflammatory diseases.

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Recipe of the day

Basic Bone Broth

Ingredients: - Glatt Kosher Beef Marrow Bones
Food Mall: Marrow Bones
* Depending upon your preference, take the carcass of a chicken or go out and buy the MARROW BONES and Knuckle Bones of Beef from the butcher. Everything MUST be Organic, Free Range, No Hormones, etc.

* Put them in a large stew pot or crock pot with water to cover at least 2 inches over the top of the contents.

* Bring to a boil.

* Turn down to simmer and leave it alone.

* Cook for 12 to 24 hours for Chicken Broth or 24-72 hours for Beef Bone Broth.

* Pull all of the large pieces out with a slotted spoon, then strain all through a fine mesh strainer, a coffee filter or cheesecloth. Discard the chunks, compost them or feed them to a pet.

* Refrigerate for several hours and skim off the fat when it is cool

*You can refrigerate the broth for several days or freeze for several months. Freeze the broth in ice cube trays then transfer to zip loc bag for ease of use.

* Season as desired and use to make soups and stews.

Bone Broth