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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Almost all epidemiological and experimental studies show that a reduction in saturated fat has NO health benefits

This paper was published in Nutrition and Health 2010, Part 2, 109-119

Study title and author:
Is saturated fat bad?
Ravnskov U

Ravnskov notes that for decades a reduction of the intake of saturated fat has been the cornerstone in dietary prevention of cardiovascular disease. The main argument for this advice is its alleged influence
on blood cholesterol.

However in this review Ravnskov found:
(a) Several recent trials have found that saturated fat intake has no such effect on cholesterol in spite of fat intakes of up to five times higher than the recommended upper limit.
(b) Ravnskov assessed the assumption " a high intake of saturated fat is harmful and a reduction leads to health benefits". He found: Almost all epidemiological and experimental studies are in conflict with this assumption; indeed several observations points to the opposite.

He concludes there is an urgent need for a revision of the present dietary guidelines.