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Saturday, 28 January 2012

Reducing carbohydrate consumption may help to prevent cancer

This paper was published in Nutrition and Metabolism 2011 Oct 26;8(1):75

Study title and authors:
Is there a role for carbohydrate restriction in the treatment and prevention of cancer?
Klement RJ, Kammerer U.

This paper can be accessed at:

Dr. Rainer J Klement from the University Hospital of Wurzburg reviewed the evidence of 162 scientific papers regarding the subject of carbohydrate restriction and cancer.

Dr. Klement found:
  • Cancer, which might be considered a disease of civilization, was very rare among uncivilized hunter-gatherer societies. Their diet was mainly meat and fat, whereas modern diets have quickly changed to easily digestible carbohydrates derived mainly from grains. Our genes have not had time to adapt to the new carbohydrate foods, and diseases of civilization have ensued.
  • Reducing the amount of dietary carbohydrates could stop, or at least delay, the emergence of cancer, and that growth of already existing cancer could be slowed down.
  • Most carbohydrates are converted into glucose by the body. Most cancer cells depend on glucose for growth as their ability to use fats or ketone bodies has been impaired.
  • High carbohydrate diets cause a rise in insulin and insulin like growth factor levels which promote cancer growth.
  • Ketone bodies that are elevated when insulin and blood glucose levels are low, have been found to stop cancer cells growing.

Dr. Klement concludes that the evidence presented in the review shows that reduction of the high carbohydrate intake in modern diets may play an important role in cancer prevention.