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Sunday, 9 September 2012

Acute hepatitis induced by lovastatin

This study was published in Digestive Diseases and Sciences 1994 Sep;39(9):2032-3

Study title and authors:
Acute hepatitis induced by HMG-CoA reductase inhibitor, lovastatin.
Grimbert S, Pessayre D, Degott C, Benhamou JP.
Service d'Hépatologie, Unité de Recherches de Physiopathologie Hépatique (INSERM U 24), Hôpital Beaujon, Clichy, France.

This paper can be accessed at:

This paper reports the case of an adult who suffered from clinical hepatitis three months after the onset of lovastatin administration.

The patient suffered:
(i) Loss of strength and energy.
(ii) Jaundice.
(iii) Increased aminotransferase levels. (Elevated levels of aminotransferase (an enzyme) suggest the existence of medical problems such as viral hepatitis, diabetes, congestive heart failure, liver damage and bile duct problems).
(iv) Increased alkaline phosphatase levels. (Elevated levels of alkaline phosphatase (an enzyme) indicate the presence of liver disease or bone disorders).

Examination of the patients liver cells revealed:
(a) Cell death.
(b) Blocked bile ducts.
(c) Increased white blood cell levels. (Elevated white blood cells in the liver, suggest the existence of liver damage).

Withdrawal of lovastatin was followed by complete normalization of liver tests within two months.

This report shows that statins may induce hepatitis.