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My research is mainly focused on the effects of cholesterol, saturated fat and statin drugs on health. If you know anyone who is worried about their cholesterol levels and heart disease, or has been told to take statin drugs you could send them a link to this website, and to my statin or cholesterol or heart disease books.

David Evans

Independent Health Researcher

Thursday, 4 October 2012

I've published another book!

I've made a another foray into publishing with a book titled "Low Cholesterol Leads To An Early Death: Evidence From 101 Scientific Papers".

Contrary to public perception, statistics from the scientific literature actually show that having LOW cholesterol means you are more likely to die earlier.

The book, in which Tom Naughton (of Fat-Head fame) very kindly penned the foreword, cites the evidence of 101 scientific papers and shows: 

·         Low cholesterol levels are associated with a shorter life.
·         Low levels of HDL and LDL cholesterol are linked to a shorter life-span.
·         High cholesterol does NOT cause heart disease.
·         Low cholesterol leads to illness and death in many diseases and conditions.
·         Statin drugs and low-fat diets may lead to higher death rates.
·         Saturated fat can give protection from heart disease.
·         Cholesterol is an essential substance needed for a long healthy life.

This book is based on the research of doctors, professors and scientists and includes 101 scientific papers, the findings of which are explained in an easy to read user friendly format.

This information will enable readers to make informed choices about the alleged wisdom of actively trying to lower their cholesterol levels.

So the next time you are given the message to "lower your cholesterol" by health care practitioners, friends or family, show them this book with its 101 peer-reviewed scientific studies that show low cholesterol levels lead to an early death.

The book is available on Amazon or at any good bookshop.

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