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Friday, 21 December 2012

Review of the scientific literature finds consistent evidence of an association between sugar intake and cardiovascular disease

This paper was published in the Internal Medicine Journal 2012 Oct;42 Suppl 5:46-58
Study title and authors:
Sugar restriction: the evidence for a drug-free intervention to reduce cardiovascular disease risk.
Thornley S, Tayler R, Sikaris K.
Section of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand.
This paper can be accessed at:

This paper reviewed the epidemiological, biochemical and psychological evidence that implicates excess sugar intake as an important cause of ill-health.

The paper found:
(a) There is consistent evidence of an association between sugar intake and risk factors for cardiovascular disease, and of the disease itself.
(b) There is some evidence of a sugar addiction syndrome.
(c) There is evidence that some researchers use debatable methods to prove the hypothesis that saturated fat causes coronary disease despite the unsupportive statistical evidence.

The paper concludes: "This paper suggests a deviation from widely accepted practice for many cardiologists, general physicians and family doctors concerned with reducing the cardiovascular disease risk of the patient that they have before them. Rather than reaching for the prescription pad, we suggest a brief conversation about the perils of a high-sugar diet and practical advice about how to cut down".