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Saturday, 12 January 2013

Red meat decreases the risk of heart disease

This study was published in Preventive Medicine 2007 Feb;44(2):135-42
Study title and authors:
Health-related behaviours as predictors of mortality and morbidity in Australian Aborigines.
Burke V, Zhao Y, Lee AH, Hunter E, Spargo RM, Gracey M, Smith RM, Beilin LJ, Puddey IB.
University of Western Australia School of Medicine and Pharmacology, Royal Perth Hospital Unit, Box X2213 GPO, Perth 6847, Australia. vburke@cyllene.uwa.edu.au

The study examined the influence of diet and lifestyle on the risk of heart disease. The study included 256 women and 258 men, aged 15-88 years, who were followed for four years.

Regarding red meat consumption, the study found that for every 100 grams per day increase in red meat consumption, the risk of heart disease decreased by 31%.