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Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Big pharma's trickery

Published in BMJ. 2007 January 27; 334(7586): 209.

Inside big pharma's box of tricks
Reviewed by Joe Collier, professor of medicines policy and consultant in clinical pharmacology, St George's Hospital and Medical School, London

This paper can be accessed at:
The author states: "The list of examples of big pharma's trickery seems endless (even though many of those employed in it are of the highest calibre and of unquestionable integrity). Indeed, it is as though, in the marketing arm of some drug companies, mischief is institutionalised. But much of this is recognised, and the adverse effects of drug companies could be countered by alert regulators, scientists, prescribers, and the medical press. All too often, however, these checks fail. There is even evidence that, in some cases, these counter-forces collude with industry and so compound its indiscretions".

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