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Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Statin side effects

This post includes a summary of a study published in Biofactors 2005;25(1-4):147-52

Study title and authors:
Treatment of statin adverse effects with supplemental Coenzyme Q10 and statin drug discontinuation.
The Great Cholesterol Con
Langsjoen PH, Langsjoen JO, Langsjoen AM, Lucas LA.
East Texas Medical Center and Trinity Mother Francis Hospital, Tyler, 75701, USA.

This paper can be accessed at:

This study investigated the effects of discontinuing statin drugs and beginning Coenzyme Q10 supplementation in cardiology (heart disorder) clinic patients. The study included  The study included fifty new cardiology clinic patients who were on statin drug therapy (for an average of 28 months), who on their initial visit were evaluated for possible adverse statin effects (muscle pain, fatigue, shortness of breath, memory loss, and peripheral neuropathy). All patients discontinued statin therapy due to side effects and began supplemental Coenzyme Q10. The patients were followed for an average of 22 months.

The study found that after stopping statins and starting Coenzyme Q10:
(a) Fatigue decreased from 84% to 16%.
(b) Muscle pain decreased from 64% to 6%.
(c) Shortness of breath decreased 58% to 12%.
(d) Memory loss decreased from 8% to 4%.
(e) Peripheral neuropathy decreased from 10% to 2%.
(f) Measurements of heart function either improved or remained stable in the majority of patients.
(g) There was no adverse consequences from statin discontinuation.

The researchers conclude that: "Statin-related side effects, including statin cardiomyopathy, are far more common than previously published and are reversible with the combination of statin discontinuation and supplemental Coenzyme Q10".

*Dietary sources of Coenzyme Q10 include all animal products, particularly heart meat.

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