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Thursday, 6 May 2010

Carbohydrates the cause of civilisatory diseases

This paper was published in Medical Hypotheses 1995 Aug;45(2):115-20

Study title and author:
The colonisation of Europe and our Western diseases.
Lutz WJ.

This paper can be accessed at:

Lutz says modern civilisatory diseases such as heart disease and cancer is usually blamed on the adverse effects of animal fat and cholesterol. However the 'field studies' themselves, undertaken to support this theory, failed.

As the last environmental changes in human history are agriculture and rise of carbohydrate intake (and therefore a concurrent reduction of fat and protein consumption), Lutz suggests that the carbohydrates rather than the animal fats cause our civilisatory diseases.

Agriculture (and higher carbohydrate consumption) started in the Arabian Peninsula and spread across Europe to arrive in countries such as Northern Ireland, Scotland and Finland last. So people in the Arabian Peninsula have had a longer time to adapt to the increase in carbohydrates compared to the people in the far West and North of Europe and this is reflected in the fact that countries such as Northern Ireland, Scotland and Finland suffer the most from heart disease and cancer.