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Sunday, 9 May 2010

Fifteen-fold increase of gastrointestinal tract bleeding with regular aspirin intake

This post includes a summary of a study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine 1988;148(2):281-285 and a recipe for pork fried rice.

Study title and authors:
Major Upper Gastrointestinal Tract Bleeding. Relation to the Use of Aspirin and Other Nonnarcotic Analgesics
Prescription for Disaster: the Hidden Dangers in Your Medicine Cabinet
Micha Levy, MD; Donald R. Miller, MS; David W. Kaufman, ScD; Victor Siskind, PhD; Pamela Schwingl, MS; Lynn Rosenberg, ScD; Brian Strom, MD; Samuel Shapiro, MB, FRCP(E)

This study can be accessed at:
The findings suggest that the risk of bleeding is increased substantially by aspirin, even when used occasionally.
There is a fifteen-fold increase of gastrointestinal tract bleeding with regular aspirin intake and over five-fold increase of gastrointestinal tract bleeding for occasional users of aspirin.

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Recipe of the day

Pork Fried Rice

◦1 lb. ground pork
Organic Berkshire Pork Sampler - 8 Chops, 2 Sirloins and Ground (5 pound) by
Food Mall: Pork
◦4 oz. mushrooms, sliced
◦1 shallot or 2 cloves of garlic
◦2 inch long piece of ginger
◦4 green onions, sliced
◦2T + 2T fermented soy sauce
◦1T + 1T chili garlic sauce
◦1 head of cauliflower
◦2 eggs

In a saute pan add the pork and break it up into pieces with your spatula. Let me school you real quick in extracting flavor from ground meat–let it cook until it’s brown. That means, don’t stop cooking it until you physically see a brown crust on it, just like if you were searing a steak or chicken.

While the pork is browning, chop the cauliflower head into chunks and throw into your food processor. Pulverize until it’s turned into crumbles, this shouldn’t take but about 2 minutes. Remove the cauliflower and reserve in a bowl. Since the bowl of the processor is already dirty, you might as well let it do some more work for you and pulverize the ginger and shallots.

Once the pork is brown, brown, brown add the mushrooms, 1/2 the green onions, 2 T soy sauce, 1T garlic chili sauce, and the shallots and ginger. Let it come together and simmer for about 5 minutes. Remove the mixture from the pan and put into your serving dish.

Add the cauliflower to the saute pan. What you’re trying to do is cook the cauliflower crumbles. Keep your eye on it and stir it around every minute or so. It should be finished in about 8 minutes. Taste it to make sure it’s soft and doesn’t have an over cauliflower-y taste. Add 2 more T of soy sauce and 1 more T of chili garlic sauce. Place the cauliflower into the serving bowl.

In a small bowl, crack 2 eggs and whisk together with a fork. Add the eggs to the saute pan and constantly stir so the eggs scramble into small pieces. They should finish cooking in about 2 minutes. Add the eggs to the serving dish.

Add the other 1/2 of the green onions, toss everything around to coat and serve immediately.

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