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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Cardiologist questions the benefits of statins

This post includes a synopsis of a paper published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal November 8, 2005; 173 (10) and a recipe for huevos rancheros.

Study title and authors:
Questioning the benefits of statins
Statin Drugs Side Effects and the Misguided War on Cholesterol
Eddie Vos* and Colin P. Rose
*Sutton, Que.; Cardiologist, McGill University, Montréal, Que.

This paper can be accessed at:

Vos a cardiologist at McGill University, Montréal, notes that:
(a) Statins have failed to deliver in reducing all cause mortality
(b) There are no statin trials with even the slightest hint of a mortality benefit in women.
(c)  In patients over 70 years old evidence shows no mortality benefit of statin therapy.
(d)  In the ALLHAT study says it best: "trials [primarily in middle-aged men] demonstrating a reduction in [coronary artery disease] from cholesterol lowering have not demonstrated a net reduction in all-cause mortality." What is the point of decreasing the number of "events" without decreasing overall mortality, when the harm caused by the side effects of statin therapy is factored in?

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Recipe of the day

Huevos Rancheros

◦1 lb. link sausage
◦6 eggs
Esposito's Finest Quality Sausage - BREAKFAST SAUSAGE (8:1) - (4) 8 Link Packages (Net Wt. 4lbs.)
Food Mall: Sausage
◦1 green onion, chopped
◦1 avocado, chopped

For the sausage, use a knife to split the link 3/4 of the way through and use your fingers to split it flat. Cook the sausages in a saute pan, that’s on medium high heat, with the casing side down. Why? Because the casing needs to render out otherwise the sausage will curl up, won’t crisp up and will taste oddly chewy.

While the sausage is browning, whisk together the eggs with a bit of salt. Remember, the salt helps keep the eggs tender. After the sausage is done, scramble the eggs in the sausage renderings, however you like–runny, slightly runny, hard and rubbery.

To serve, lay a few sausage links down on your plate, top with eggs, spoon with salsa and then sprinkle the green onions and avocado on top.