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Friday, 15 April 2011

Statin use increases severe cases of pneumonia requiring hospitalization by 61%

This post features a synopsis of a study published in the British Medical Journal 338:b2137 16 June 2009

Study title and authors:
Statin use and risk of community acquired pneumonia in older people: population based case-control study
Sascha Dublin, assistant investigator12, Michael L Jackson, EIS officer1, Jennifer C Nelson, associate investigator13, Noel S Weiss, professor2, Eric B Larson, executive director and senior investigator145, Lisa A Jackson, senior investigator12
1Group Health Center for Health Studies, 1730 Minor Avenue, Suite 1600, Seattle WA 98101-1448, USA
2Department of Epidemiology, University of Washington, Seattle, WA 98195
Diary of a Legal Drug Dealer
3Department of Biostatistics, University of Washington
4Department of Medicine, University of Washington
5Department of Health Services, University of Washington

This study can be accessed at:
The objective of the study was to test the effects of statins on pneumonia. It looked at 1125 cases of pneumonia and matched them against 2235 controls in people aged 65 to 94.
The study found that:
(a) statins increased the risk of pneumonia by 26%.
(b) statins increased severe cases of pneumonia requiring hospitalization by 61%.
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