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Friday, 30 April 2010

Patient develops acute pancreatitis due to statin therapy

This post includes a summary of a paper published in the Journal of Pancreatology 2003 May;4(3):129-32

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Study title and authors:
Acute pancreatitis due to pravastatin therapy.
Anagnostopoulos GK, Tsiakos S, Margantinis G, Kostopoulos P, Arvanitidis D.
Gastroenterology Department, 251 Hellenic Air Force and Veterans General Hospital, Athens, Greece.

This paper can be accessed at:
When the pancreas is diseased or inflamed, amylase is released into the blood.

This paper reports of a man who developed pancreatitis after statin therapy.

(i) A 56-year-old man presented at the Emergency Room at hospital complaining that he had had abdominal pain radiating to the back for the previous two days. The pain was accompanied by nausea and vomiting. The patient had been treated for the previous six months with pravastatin 20 mg once daily. No other medication was regularly used.
(ii) Laboratory data on admission showed increased levels of amylase (1,615 U/L; normal values: 25-115 U/L).
(iii) Pravastatin was discontinued and amylase levels became normal after three days.
(iv) The patient was discharged from the hospital five days later.
(v) Five months after this episode, the patient reintroduced pravastatin 40 mg once daily, on his own initiative.
(vi) Three days later, the patient again felt abdominal pain radiating to the back.
(vii) Laboratory examination revealed an increased serum amylase level (2,334 U/L).
(viii) Pravastatin was discontinued and the patient was discharged six days later.

The lead author of the paper, Dr George Anagnostopoulos, concluded that the paper: "further strengthens the fact that statins may cause acute pancreatitis".

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